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  • Mondéco Rapide

Flowcrete Unveils the Fast Curing Terrazzo System Mondéco Rapide

13 Apr 2018

  • New resin terrazzo system based on PUMMA technology delivers high-end aesthetics within a rapid turnaround.
  • Mondéco Rapide combines the fast curing technology of MMA with the flexibility of PU.
  • This terrazzo innovation is ideal for venues that want a luxurious finish but can’t afford a long application schedule.

Flowcrete has launched Mondéco Rapide, a new resin terrazzo flooring system that delivers a robust, decorative finish in a fraction of the time of traditional terrazzo materials.

Mondéco Rapide reduces the overall installation time associated with epoxy or polyurethane resin terrazzo flooring systems by up to 75%. Its ability to combine time-saving benefits with high-end visuals made Mondéco Rapide a key talking point at this year’s World of Concrete exhibition in Las Vegas.

Based on an innovative technology called PUMMA, Mondéco Rapide brings together the rapid curing power of methyl methacrylate (MMA) technology with the resilience of polyurethane. This combination is what makes Mondéco Rapide such a significant step forward in the terrazzo flooring world.

President of Flowcrete Group Ltd., Craig Brookes, said: “Being able to provide the same speed of cure of an MMA system alongside the flexibility and durability of polyurethane positions Mondéco Rapide as a truly unique offering in the market.

“Thanks to Mondéco Rapide, one of the top design trends of 2018 is now at the fingertips of new-build and refurbishment projects that previously would have foregone terrazzo due to the prohibitive application schedule.

“Now, architects, developers and facilities managers can create stunning floors that put the wow-factor underfoot in only a matter of hours! This is ideal for a wide variety of locations, from shopping centres to stadiums – anywhere that needs a high performance, attractive finish but that can’t afford long periods of problematic downtime.”

Mondéco Rapide creates a smooth, luxurious finish and its extensive design potential means that custom colours can be installed in completely bespoke patterns. Even the floor’s shimmer and shine can be tailored by altering the aggregate blend that goes into the finish. Aggregates such as locally sourced marble, mother-of-pearl and recycled glass are all available to achieve the precise glittering lustre that is desired.

In addition to its rapid rate of cure, the tough and elastic nature of polyurethane enhances the flexibility of the MMA resin, which means that it can be easily applied on tiles and difficult substrates. This property further streamlines the installation process, as the applicators don’t have to spend time working on the substrate. Other trades are also able to work alongside the product, allowing for a more concentrated schedule that saves time and cuts costs.

Mondéco Rapide has already been turning heads, including at a prestigious restaurant in one of London’s most iconic settings. The Leicester Square Kitchen, on the edge of the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hampshire Hotel, installed approximately 100 square metres of Mondéco Rapide in and around its central bar area.

The Mondéco Rapide floor was applied at night, which meant that by the morning it was sufficiently cured to allow other trades to work on the restaurant. This schedule would have been unthinkable with traditional terrazzo materials, as the work would have to be put on hold for days or weeks until the coating had cured. However, thanks to Mondéco Rapide it was possible to install a terrazzo floor in a small and confined area without inconveniencing the construction programme.

From trendy London to sunny Sydney, Mondéco Rapide has been revolutionising the flooring sector. At The Rocks Centre in Sydney, 500 square metres of Mondéco Rapide was used to revitalise the shopping centre’s concourse and turn it back into a stylish surface that would complement the site’s vintage industrial aesthetic.

A one-off colour called Grey Ghost was chosen and a special blend of marble chip aggregates was incorporated into the coating to give it a sparkling, dappled effect. Its durability meant that The Rocks Centre could rest assured that the heavy footfall, frequent cleaning and inevitable scuffs and scrapes of daily use would not affect the floor’s visual appeal.

Mondéco Rapide’s fast curing capability combined with the fact that it could be laid on top of the existing tiles reduced the impact of the installation on the building’s tenants and shoppers. To further minimise hassle and stress for tenants, the work was undertaken in the evening and over stages to ensure there was no need for downtime.

To find out more about how to install a luxurious terrazzo finish in a fraction of the time of traditional terrazzo materials, click the link below to watch a video detailing the installation of Mondéco Rapide at The Rocks Centre, or contact your local Flowcrete representative today.



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