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How to book a Flooring CPD Virtual Seminar

We are proud to be part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and offer many RIBA approved CPD seminars, which are now presented in Live virtual format.

At Flowcrete UK, we have been dedicated to flooring excellence since 1969. Our CPD courses are delivered by our experienced and knowledgeable flooring experts who will share with you valuable insight into avoiding mistakes and specifying floor finishes, antimicrobial flooring, floor screeds, underfloor heating, car park decking and more. To book one of our CPD virtual seminars, simply click one of the buttons below or here

1. Specifying Seamless Resin Terrazzo

This seminar gives you a background to the traditional history of terrazzo and outlines the different systems available to help attendees:

  • Understand the different materials available and their application processes
  • Understand the benefits of using seamless terrazzo over traditional tiles
  • Identify the benefits and lifecycle implications of different materials
  • Identify appropriate cleaning methods to ensure a prolonged floor life span

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2. Decorative Resin Flooring for Public Areas

The seminar gives you a detailed overview of the correct specification process for seamless resin flooring, an understanding of the types of flooring available, their relative market price and life expectancy helping specifiers:

  • Identify the correct specification framework for decorative and resin flooring
  • Identify the types of resin floors and application areas
  • Create a value stream analysis

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3. Correct Specification for Industrial Resin Flooring

Many Industrial floors fail within their first two years, which creates an  enormous upheaval and expense. This seminar shows how to correctly specify heavy-duty industrial floor finishes, helping specifiers understand:

  • Why floors fail
  • BS 8204-6 categories of floors
  • Specification of fit-for-purpose floors
  • Testing and approvals for resin flooring
  • Environmental issues, covering Chip 3

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4. How to Avoid Screed Failures

This seminar covers the different types of floor screeds and their applications, areas of floor failure, advice on how to avoid floor problems and on how to choose the correct floor specification, helping you to:

  • Identify the correct specification of floor screeds
  • Identify the types of floor screeds and application areas
  • Understand how to avoid failure

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5. Car Park Decking: Protection, Strength and Aesthetics

In this seminar, we outline the criteria which should be used when selecting a car park decking material, including methods by specifiers when designing their car deck solution:

  • Selection of decking materials
  • Test methods
  • Decking system design

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6. How to Avoid Floor Failure in the Design of Food & Beverage Facilities

This seminar explores the true cost associated with the unsatisfactory specification of flooring materials within the design of Food & Beverage production, processing or packaging plants, helping you:

  • Address the most common reasons for floor failure
  • Draw on real-life scenarios where a failing floor has resulted in financial and reputation damage
  • Outline key factors to consider in order to minimise these risks and costs
  • Identify flooring solutions that offer long-term durability, wear resistance, hygiene and safety underfoot

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7. Underfloor Heating Systems: The Way Forward

This seminar will show you a detailed history of underfloor heating alongside an overview of the latest innovations that will help you:

  • Identify the types of underfloor heating systems available
  • Understand the benefits of using an underfloor heating system over traditional heating products
  • Understand the environmental benefits of specifying underfloor heating systems
  • Provide a value stream analysis

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